Apparently DC Is the Gayest Place in America According to the Most Ridiculous Study I’ve Ever Seen

Lincoln Memorial from a Distance

The nation’s capital is the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender capital of the United States as well, according to a new Gallup study.

The polling firm calls the survey “The largest single study of the distribution of the LGBT population in the U.S. on record, and the first time a study has had large enough sample sizes to provide estimates of the LGBT population by state.”

It puts Washington, D.C.’s LGBT population at 10%.

Hawaii and Vermont rank second and third on Gallup’s list after D.C. The two states have LGBT populations of 5.1% and 4.9%, respectively. [Daily Caller]

Gotta call bullshit on this study here. Not that I’m not cool with the gays. They’re great. DC would probably look like even more of a shithole than it already does if they weren’t here to plant cherry blossoms and shit everywhere. So I don’t want anyone thinking I’m taking a run at the gays here. Dudes making out ain’t my scene but you guys look like you’re having a good time.

But having said that lumping DC in with actual states is total bullshit. If you measured DC against other cities it wouldn’t even be close. Like there’s literally zero chance New York isn’t gayer than DC.  And isn’t San Francisco like 100% gay? Has anyone actually had a baby in San Francisco in the last 20 years? Are there even elementary schools there anymore? Fact is it’s just easier to be gay in the city. There are entire sections of every city dedicated to dudes fucking dudes. On the other side of things there are probably a million dudes in Kansas who don’t know they’re gay because they’ve never met another gay person. All they know is Bradley Cooper makes them feel funny in their pants when they watch The Hangover.

So honestly I’d be kind of pissed at Gallup if I was gay. They’re gonna come here expecting some kind of thriving gay nightlife capital of the world when in reality there’s like four gay bars in Dupont Circle and guy in a cutoff t-shirt at Union Station and that’s it. Kind of false advertising if you ask me. But for the rest of us it’s fine. Gayest place in America. Rock on. Less competition for me. I can dig it.


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